This part of the website is especially created for shops that want to sell the books from the series ‘Special Powers- Self-coaching for Kids’ (or other resellers).  Hurray for you! 🙂

Deur naar speciaal gedeelte voor de WinkelsTo be able to see what the books are like, you can use this door to go to a special part of the website that will allow you to read the books online. That part of the website uses flash, so it can only be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer, not on a mobile device.  To go through the door, you will need a username and password. If you haven’t received one, you can apply for one by sending an email to

Bookstores, connected to the ‘Centraal Boekhuis’ can order them, using the following ISBN codes:

‘Weet je wel hoe geweldig je bent?’  ISBN: 978-94-91064-01-2

‘Monsters bestaan niet!’ ISBN: 978-94-91064-02-9

Other stores and resellers (coaches as well) can order the books in our Web Shop.  You need to apply for a ‘resellers-account’ first, so you will receive the trade-discount when you place an order.  To apply for a resellers-account, please send an email to, stating your details and your KVK number.

The first two books from the series ‘Special Powers – Seslf-coaching for Kids’: ‘Weet je wel hoe geweldig je bent?’ en ‘Monsters bestaan niet!’ have been printend in the Dutch language and are each 60 pages full color, bound in a hard cover. A special feature in the books is that they (as the first ever children’s bookseries in the Netherlands) contain ‘Augmented Reality’. We call it ‘Special Effects’.  What it is and what it looks like, can be seen in movie-clips on the page ‘Special Effects’! ‘Special Powers’ also provides some promotional gifts with’Special Effects’, you can hand out to promote the various titles.  You will also see these  demonstrated in the movie-clips.  If you are a reseller, you can request these promotional gifts, by sending an email to .

I will also gladly answer any questions you might have about the books. We would be happy to welcome you as a ‘Special Powers ReSeller’.