This part of the site is especially created for eveyone who wants to write something about Special Powers or mention the books in publications and or on websites.  We  you!  We would also love you to review the books :-)!

Deur naar speciaal gedeelte voor de Pers

This door leads to a restricted area, where digital version of the books can be read online  (there’s a watermark that’s of course not present in the paper version).  The restricted part of the site is flash-based and can only be viewed on laptops or desktop computers.

To read the books online, you will need a special username and password.  You may have received yours through the pressrelease.  If you do not have your code and/or pressrelease, please feel free to request one by sending an email to, stating the organisation you represent .

You can also apply for extra images, texts or other information, as wel as a package with extra promotional material, like the promotional gifts that have the ‘Special Effects’, so you can experience the Augmented Reality yourself.

We’re also open to ideas to create a joint promotional effort. You could, for example, have your own ‘Special Effects’ marker in your publication so something would magically appear from it.

If you are interested in any of the above or if you have questions or ideas, you’re more than welcome to contact Dominique Kersten through email or call 06-24646349.