I help young superhero’s use and develop their ‘Special Powers’ (=life-skills), especially in challenging situations.

I support them with a ‘Special Tool-kit for Superhero’s’. This tool-kit consists of:

  • the children’s’ books series ‘Special Powers’-  Self-coaching for Kids (original, positive coaching stories with a lot of humor),
  • gifts that have Special Effects,
  • a method that can be used by coaches, primary schools etc. (with background information, questions and assignments),
  • workshops,
  • special projects (for example for special occasions or festivals),
  • private consultations
  • …and in the future also apps and games.

‘Special Powers’ are super useful!  Especially for superheroes like you!  You can experiment with them to your heart’s content in your every-day-life.

‘Special Powers’ you can practice:

  • Self-conficence (because if you feel great about yourself, you can handle everything!)
  • Bravery (because if you know what you don’t need to fear, you dare to try new things, knowing that although you may be nervous, you’ll still be safe.)
  • Standing firm (so you have a steady base and don’t lose your balance easily.)
  • Handle not-so-happy-emotions (because if you know you shouldn’t try to hold them in, you’ll save yourself a lot of tummy-ache.)
  • Be your own best friend (so don’t fight yourself, but help yourself!  Be your own BFF 🙂 )
  • Feeling! (because it will help you discover what you need, what/who you like and when you don’t like something.)
  • Knowing what you want and don’t want (because that’s super handy when you want to choose what’s best for you.)
  • and……… of course there are many more!!

Which ‘Special Powers’ would you like to practice?