This part of the website is created especially for ‘Special Professionals’ : people who work with children professionally and wan to help these children discover and develop their ‘Special Powers’ with the aid of the ‘Special Powers’-method.  The ‘Special Powers’-method consists of books (eBooks), backgroundinformation to each story, questions to find answers to and fun activities or workshops.

deur6To gain access to the method, you will need a username and password.  You can apply for these, by sending an email to: . Please mention in what way you are a ‘Special Professional’.

At his moment, ‘Special Powers’ is still looking for Special Professionals who want to participate in the trial-version and share their experiences with us. It is currently available in Dutch, but will also become available in English.


‘Weet je wel hoe geweldig je bent?’ (‘Do you even know how wonderful you are?’) and

‘Monsters bestaan niet!’ (‘Monsters don’t exist!’),  three more titles are available in this section:

‘Een scheet moet je ook niet inhouden…’ (‘You shouldn’t hold in your farts either… ),

‘Waarom bomen niet struikelen…’ (‘Why trees don’t trip…’)  and

‘De weg naar Luilekkerland’  (‘The way to Lazy-Tasty-land’).

Eventually, the ‘Special Powers’ method wil comprise of over 12 titles, covering various subjects.

These are stories still to come:

  • ‘Moeten? Bah!’  (‘Have to? Bah!’) About how you can find a fun way to handle all the stuf you have to do.
  • ‘Anders en hetzelfde’  (‘Different and the Same’) How do experience ‘others’?  Or are they ‘similars’? Do you realize your approach determins what you see?
  •  ‘Juf groenjurk’  (‘Miss Greendress’) About being reluctant to try new things.
  • ‘Kan’t wel of kan’t niet?’  (‘Can or can’t?’) About how you are able to know if you can or can’t do something and how the way you start off, can make a huge difference 🙂 !!
  • ‘De pas-op en de op-pas’  (‘The nanny and the nono’)  About being careless or too careful!
  • ‘Ik-ben-er-even-niet en ik-ook-niet’ (‘I’m-not-here-and-neither-am-I’) About how you might sometimes feel like being invisible.
  • ‘Evenstipje’ (‘EvenSteven’) About being neat or sloppy and coloring outside the lines.

I am always curious to hear from you about subjects you would like to see covered. I would apreciate it if you would like to share these with me.

‘Special Professionals’ are i.e.:

  • Primary school teachers
  • Children’s coaches, counsellors or therapists
  • Child psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Employees of the HCO
  • Students and teachers at the PABO
  • Employees of the GGD
  • Employees of Buro Puur
  • Educationists
  • …and many others