The books of the ‘Special Powers’-series have ‘Special Effects’!  Inside the cover of the books, there’s a black-and-white image, capable of making something magically appear!  The presents you get when you order the books through our web shop (the special medal and the dotted plate), also have ‘Special Effects’!

Here you can make the magic happen! The most realistic effect is if you look at it through your smartphone or tablet.

To see the ‘Special effects of the books or the dotted plate, please click on the image below and then hold them in front of the camera.

Do you own a ‘Special Powers medal’?  In that case, click on the image of the medal and point your camera at yours!!

Nice, right! If you somehow can’t get it to work, or if you don’t have a camera on your device, you can go to the ‘Special Effects filmclips‘ page. On that page (spoiler alert!), the youtube movies will show you what the ‘Special Effects’ look like.