This is the new ‘Special Powers’ website!  This one is compatible with your tablet and phone.  Not all features are represented yet, but I’m working on it 🙂

     Dear                           visitor,

I believe in the power               of happiness !

 In  making up your own mind,          humour and creativity.

I believe in helping each other  and  learning to help yourself,

with confidence, understanding, compassion and lots of love!

I believe in you!  I believe you have Special Powers!

Special    Powers     you     can   use

 to live to your full potential!

A big kiss from me!


Psssst:  The doors with the special passwords lead to parts of the old website that aren’t available on mobile devices yet.  If you have VIP-access, you’ll have to watch the restricted content on a desktop computer for now.  The same goes for the ‘Special Effects’.  I did, however, put the youtube-movieclips of the ‘Special Effects’ on this website.

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